Flaxseed Oil and Omega-3

Flaxseed Oil and Omega-3

Flaxseed oil and Omega-3 fatty acids

Flaxseed oil and omega-3 are very intricately connected. Infact they go hand in hand. Flaxseed oil earns its value and effectiveness in treating a wide array of diseases simply because of its high omega-3 content. Omega-3 is an incredible rich constituent contained in flaxseed. It fights major disorders ranging from heart diseases, arthritis to diseases as severe as cancer. Therefore, specialists recommend inclusion of flaxseed in the diets of patients who are susceptible to disease that can be cured or prevented by omega-3.

The findings of well known Dr Budwig had reinforced the relationship between omega-3 and flaxseed by bringing before the world the significance of flaxseed in the daily diet of patients so that their bodies acquire high levels of omega-3耀tudies suggest that healthy people have more omega-3 in their bodies than the ills ones. Thus omega-3 if incorporated in their diet through addition of flaxseed in their food, they can revitalize their lost health and get rid of various diseases. This way, if flaxseed is properly taken, a patient can eventually lead a normal and healthy life.

Omega-3 rich flax seeds - their control over diseases
  • Fighting inflammation - Omega-3 are fats that are responsible for stimulating the growth of anti-inflammatory hormones in human bodies. This leads to flaxseed oil being a major source of cure and prevention against undesirable inflammation. Thus inflammatory diseases like migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and asthma can be treated by omega-3 depending of the state of spread and intensity of the disease.
  • Bones - Flaxseeds that are rich with omega-3 fat content improve and maintain health of bones. Bones becomes stronger and fitter through consumption of omega-3. It is indeed a great source of bone-health.
  • Fighting heart problems, diabetes - Diet rich with omega-3 reduce possibilities of blood clots or blood coagulation. This relieves people to a large extent from the risk of heart diseases like coronary malfunction, diabetes, heart attaches, stroke etc.
  • Fighting cancer - Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil are effective preventives against cancer. They are known to obstruct cancer affected cells without causing any harm to normal blood cells.
  • Treating high blood pressure - Consumption of flaxseeds that are rich with omega-3 fats are well known for being agents of lowering blood pressure to a normal level thereby reducing risks of unwanted cardiac crisis and other forms of high blood pressure borne health disorders.
  • Fighting high cholesterol - studies have revealed that individuals on flaxseed diet show noticeable reduction in their cholesterol. High cholesterol can cause several kinds of dangerous health problems. In this case, flaxseed oil indeed turns out to be a natural and effective preventive. Also omega-3 in the flaxseeds contains health-friendly fibers that contribute significantly towards lowering cholesterol levels.
Grey areas

Inspite of numerous studies carried out in the field of assessing the utility of flaxseeds, it must be mentioned that there are grey areas that still remain. This grey area majorly pertains to issues like the right dosage, constituents, quality, proportions, way to consume, magnitude of side effects etc.

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Other benefits
  • Omega-3 is not only good for the heart, it is beneficial for brain health and also boosts mood.
  • Flaxseed oil benefits pregnant woman - scientists state that the omega-3 fats in flaxseed encourages proper development of the child痴 brain. But ofcourse conditions are applied on the nature of intake; consulting a doctor is a must before any kind of omega-3 consumption in order to avoid reverse effects.
  • It is a good idea to add omega-3 rich flaxseed oil in your daily food in the post-menopause condition. This really adds good health to the consumer.
  • The chances of benefits are always higher when the quality of omega-3 fats is superior. Cheap pills or capsules can invite a lot of negative effects and especially they can harm women during pregnancy.

Thus it can be understood that flaxseed oil is valued chiefly because of omega-3 fats that it contains. There are a series of benefits that are associated with flaxseed oil. The quality of diet indeed improves once omega-3 is introduced in it. This impacts the over all health condition of the consumer.

It must be mentioned that the qualities of any constituent can act negatively if consumed improperly. Consulting a specialist is a must to increase chances of positive results.

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