Flaxseed Oil Pills

Flaxseed Oil Pills

What are flaxseed oil pills and how are they used?


Flaxseed oil is a plant. It is blue in color and flowering in nature. The seed carries immense medicinal importance and is value for its rich oil content. The oil is stored in its seeds擁t is natural oil and is also referred to as linseed oil. The common method that is undertaken for extraction of the oil is called 壮olvent extraction'; this is normally practiced only after 祖old pressing'. Flaxseed oil pills or capsules have heavy flaxseed oil constituents and are known for the benefits patients suffering from various diseases can derive from them.

Features of the oil
  • Linseed oil becomes hard if it is exposed in the sir for a long time.
  • Linseed oil is composed of a variety of triglycerides. These triglycerides are different from one another in terms of the fatty acids that constitute them.
  • The oil is majorly composed of 7% of palmitic acid, between 3-5% of stearic acid, between 18-23% of oleic acid, between 14-17% of linoleic acid etc.
  • All the acids composing the oil are in their saturated or unsaturated forms. The proportion of unsaturated esters is more in flaxseed oil and this makes the oil vulnerable to polymerization. This inturn introduces the drying nature in the oil when exposed to air.
Benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Flaxseed oil capsules are taken by people in order to experience different kinds of results. These pills are available in the form of nutritious supplements while there are other forms of flaxseed oil capsules that act as preventives for various health disorders.

The following would throw more light on the utility of flaxseed oil capsules:

  • Heart diseases - The pills are useful in preventing coronary heart problems. The omega-3 content of these pills help in the treatment and all round prevention of severe coronary heart diseases. It is this omega-3 in the flaxseed oil pills that bring down cholesterol, level of triglyceride and blood pressure, tendency of blood clotting etc.
  • Treating arthritis - The pills are effective cure for painful diseases like arthritis. Research in this domain has revealed that flaxseed oil capsules rich in omega-3 content if consumed on a regular basis as a part of basic diet (ofcourse with doctor's advice), then patients can get rid of heavy dosages of drugs for pain relief. The oil pills are known to be excellent cures for arthritis.
  • Treating cancer - The pills are popular cure for cancer. They are known for their ability to destroy cancer affected cells retaining he health of the unaffected cells. Also growth of tumors can be controlled by consumption of these pills.
  • Fighting stress - This is where the pills really come to great use. Fighting stress in human brains and bodies is of extreme necessity in today's world and the flaxseed oil pills do fight stress with the help of their omega-3 content.
  • Treating skin issues - The capsules are useful in treating skin eruptions like eczema, acne and other severe forms of skin problems.
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Possible side effects of flaxseed pills/capsules

Although, the oil pills are beneficial in many ways, they do not come without their share of side effects. The following are the major ones which patients and care givers must be aware of:

  • Metabolism disorder
  • Inflammation has not really been successfully treated by flaxseed oil capsules in many cases. Infact, consumption of the pill has often aggravated inflammatory conditions.
  • Studies till yet has reveled that the oil pills play a key role in the stimulation of prostate cancer.
  • Intestinal disorder, and breast cancer.

It must be mentioned that the following kind of people should not be on flaxseed since side effects can be severe:

  • Individual having problems with blood clotting, and other disorders related to bleeding
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Women facing hormonal disorders
  • Men who are susceptible to prostate cancer

Thus, it can be concluded that flaxseed has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless like any other pills, random or excessive consumption need not produce drastically wonderful results. Infact, the results may be the other way round and may cause long term damage to consumers. Negative effects are severe and that is why it must not be consumed without doctor's advice and prescription.

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