Flaxseed oil and cancer

Flaxseed oil and cancer

Studies have revealed that flaxseed oil is an effective preventive for cancer. It contributes significantly in treating cancer which has been repeatedly proven through various researches and studies carried out by specialists. The omega-3 content in flaxseed oil is the key player in treating and reducing the effects of cancer. Increase in the level of omega-3 is known to impact and prevent harmful diseases that include diseases as severe as cancer.

A study by Dr. Johanna Budwig

Famous Nobel nominee for seven times, Dr Budwig is renowned for his studies in the domain of cancer and its treatment. The following are interesting details in this regard that can benefit readers:

  • Healthy individuals possess superior omega-3 content compared to people who are weak and ill. This ofcourse includes sicknesses like cancer. Thus, if the level of omega-3 is increased in the patients, it can act as a preventive for diseases like cancer. Dr. Budwig discovered that Omega-3 is a significant constituent of flaxseed oil and thus consumption of flaxseed is often recommended in order to cure treat cancer.
  • Followed by the finding, Dr. Budwig added flaxseed to the daily diet of her patients in through feeding them with rice milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese etc. At this stage she found out that flaxseed oil adds to the protein richness of the overall diet; this protein permits oil to become soluble in water and inturn this solution can get introduced to human body with ease for clearing out unwanted tumors and debris.
  • Similar results were found in cancer patients when treated with flaxseed oil containing high levels of omega-3.
  • The right storage process of flaxseed oil also determines its effectiveness in ensuring quality treatment of cancer.

However, recent studies suggest that flaxseed is more effective cancer-fighter compared to its oil version.

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Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese

The studies in the area of flaxseed and cancer carried out Dr. Budwig have been questioned in many ways. There are indeed loop holes in her findings, yet cancer patients have certainly recognized her discoveries and for those patients who are severely affected by cancer and are left with no option but to return home, Dr. Budwig has been quite a hope in terms of stretching then longevity. Flaxseed and cottage cheese are indeed excellent source of health and they are effective in reducing the pace of deterioration in cancer patients. Intake of these foods is no rocket science and adds to the daily diet quality of the patients and so the entire process of treatment remains natural thereby reducing chances of side effects.

Process of using flaxseed oil to prevent cancer

The following are the essentials that need to be followed in order to treat cancer with the help of flaxseed oil:

  • The idea is to consume the essential fatty acids through consuming flaxseed oil in different food items.
  • You need to have a consistent diet which is ofcourse healthy. Foods with less of fats, blueberries, and anti-oxidant-rich diets go a long way in preventing cancer.
  • Flaxseed oil can be added to yoghurt, fresh fruit etc to made these preparations nutritious. It is always better if the fat content of the yoghurt is low; this would lead to better results.
  • Feed patients with eggs laid by chickens that have been deliberately fed with flax. These eggs as a result would carry high omega-3 levels.
  • It is a good idea to combine water or juice with flaxseed oil before consumption.
  • Flaxseed oil bearing the taste of nuts is more nutritious and effective and is therefore a better option for the treatment of cancer.
  • Treating flaxseed oil with heat is never recommended since these kinds of oil are very sensitive to high temperature. Low temperature is more suited for flaxseed oil.

Therefore, flaxseed oil is a natural solution to cancer in many ways. It can be consumed in a number of ways but then, no step or measure should be undertaken without proper consultation with doctors. Improper consumption can lead to negative consequences.

Cancer is a very serious disease which is mostly irrevocable. While flaxseed oil does not ensure complete eradication of cancer in a patient, it does ensure relief and does offer prevention if introduced systematically as a nutritional addition in the daily diet of individuals.

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